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Collecting succulents is rapidly becoming a very popular hobby, they have also become

 a bit of a fashion statement and are very popular in modern design.

The word succulent is more of a definition than a group of plants.  The term succulent refers to any plant that stores water in its roots, stems or leaves.  Under this definition almost any plant family has members that are succulents and huge families like orchids and plants with bulb may be defined as succulents.

Another definition of succulents are plants that have evolved these adaptions in dry or arid climates, this reduces the field a little but still includes many orchids and bulb plants that live in desert or arid climates.

It is generally assumed that desert climates refer to hot waterless environments but this is only part of the picture.

This planet has an amazing range of environments at all altitudes. Plants found in a desert-like environment at high altitudes may not be exposed to extreme heat.  Deserts at low altitudes may get extremely hot by day and cold by night.  Succulent plants may also grow in areas with extremely low nutrients or rock environments where soil is scarce even though climates may be mild and rainfall adequate.    

Most families of plants contain some succulent members; one classic example is the

genus Euphorbia which has many succulent and non-succulent members.

The most popular group of plants that fall under succulents are cacti but other groups like

Echeveria, Sempervivums, Aloes and Agaves are also rising in popularity. 

Collectors Corner is well known for its large range of succulents and we are responsible for

bringing many of the succulents you see today to the Australian market.

Succulents Echeveria Collectors Corner
Succulents Aeonium Collectors Corner
Succulents Cynanchum Collectors Corner
Succulents Aeonium Collectors Corner
Succulents Euphorbia Collectors Corner
Succulents Lithops Stone Plants Collectors Corner
Succulents Crassula Collectors Corner
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