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Terrarium Plants

Terrariums have been around since the early days of plant collecting,

on long sea voyages the only way a specimen could survive the arduous voyage was by growing them in terrariums (Wardian Case)  The incredible new discoveries of plants from the Americas and Asia inspired wealthy collectors from Britain and Europe to spend exorbitant amounts to bring these specimens home.


Terrariums are typically fully enclosed environments but it can also refer to open glass cases as many plants cannot survive the constant humidity of a closed environment as require some level of drying out.

Collectors Corner has been working with terrarium plants since the 1980's and has over these 35 years developed an extensive range of plants to suit indoor growing in or out of terrariums.

The main issue with enclosed glass environments is the lack of light, if exposed to direct sunlight the cases fog up and can overheat so the range of suitable plants is severely restricted.


Succulents will only survive in fully open terrariums as they require sunlight to maintain shape, only a very few are suitable for low light like some Haworthias.


These are hugely popular in terrariums about these also do best under higher light so are best outdoors under high shade or in open terrariums near windows.

Bottle Babies

Paradisia has developed a range of miniature plants or plants that can be trained to remain small and suit both closed and open terrariums under indoor conditions, Bottle babies is the end result of 30+ years of collecting and represent the best plants available today.

Led Lighting

With the rapid development of cheap and affordable LED lighting it is now very easy and economical to grow plants indoors without any access to sunlight.  LED lights are very safe due to their low voltage, they have very low operating cost and do not produce the heat that would normally damage plants under artificial lighting. 


Indoor growing has never been easier or more rewarding; amazing gardens,

wall plantings and tabletop gardens are now within reach. 


The selection we carry is the best that the world has to offer. 



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