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Carnivorous Plants

Of all the plants on this planet none captivate the imagination and interest more than the incredible carnivorous plants. 

In truth they should really be called Insectivorous Plants as they are able to extract nutrients from insects or arthropods.   Carnivorous Plants evolved in areas that lack nutrients, either in acidic bogs or poor soils.  This evolution occurred in various ways across five different orders of plants with over 580 species existing in over 12 different genera. 


Carnivorous plants can be found on every continent except the Antarctic and come in a wide range of shapes and sizes.  The most startling is the Venus Fly Taps which are capable of physical movement and the amazing pitcher plants, the Sarracenias of the United States with their incredible highly coloured traps. There are also the Tropical Pitcher Plants of Asia, the Nepenthes, a genus in which some varieties can produce traps large enough to capture small mammals.

In early December each year we host the annual Carnivorous Plant Society Show at Collectors Corner.  

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