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Plant Collections


Since early childhood I have been fascinated by plants, initially cacti and succulents followed by Orchids and so on.

Collectors Corner is a showcase of these hobbies and is my way of enjoying them with everyone.

Collectors Corner is not just a nursery, its also our collection on display for everyone to enjoy, not hidden in a backyard where it can only be appreciated by the owner.


Throughout the year our product ranges alter according to the seasons.

January - most product ranges are at their peak with new spring growth complete, Carnivorous Plants and Bonsai are well worth seeing.

February - the place is full of colour with beautiful bromeliads in flower as well as Oncidium Orchids beginning their season.  Carnivorous plants are at their peak.

March - Cattleyas are beginning to bloom, most products are at their peak for the season's growth

April - Bonsai are beginning to show their autumn colours, succulents are also colouring up for winter, the Schlumbergera (Zygocactus) are also starting to flower.

May - great range of Mother's Day gift ideas, cascading cyms start to appear late in the month.

June and July - Orchid season is in full swing with Collectors Corner full of stunning cymbidiums and our world famous cascading collection.

August - Orchid season is still in full swing, first of the cacti begin to flower, Cattelyas are starting to finish their cycle.

September - This month is for cactus as they are in stunning flower, Sinningias are putting on an amazing display as are the Kalanchoe and other succulents.  Bonsai are beginning to break bud.  September is probably one of the best months to visit Collectors Corner. 

October - Cym season is finishing so bargains are to be had. Cacti are now flowering prolifically and the Epiphyllums are starting to flower.

November - this is Eppy season, come in and see flowers up to 30 cm across. November is our annual gem clearance generally held on the third weekend in November. Carnivorous plants are also beginning to look good. 

December -  Carnivorous plants are now at their peak, great range of gift ideas are available for Xmas.

Definition of a collectable plant

Almost any plant including grasses can be collected if a group of plants create an interested or a commercial reason for the collection.   There are people who collect trees, others who collect dried specimens or just photographs, whatever the reason it can become a hobby and a way of life.

The most collected items tend to be slower or consume less space, they can be easy to care for or a greater challenge to test the experts, they can be different or more unusual, they can also inspire and reward.

An analogy of collecting can be as simple as buying a new rose every year to have one of each colour or can be as dramatic as a 10-acre garden with one of every rose available on the market. 

To grow a plant for two or more years and have it flower, whether spectacular or not is a reward in itself, in the case of some plants this can be ten or more years.  There are many ways in which to gain rewards, unfortunately most people seek instant or short term gratification, the challenge of long term gain is less relevant. Over the years we have seen a significant decline in dedicated collecting but a steady growth in short term and less challenging hobbies. 


Across the world there are many different plant societies created to bring together collectors who share a common goal. Many societies are simply garden clubs where members enjoy the beauty of gardening. Other societies are highly specialised like native plant societies, bonsai clubs, carnivorous plant groups etc.  In Victoria we have over 20 orchid societies with one specialising in only native orchids, one in only cymbidiums and one only collecting species orchids.

Photo below is of an unusual collection of extreme arid climate plants taken during their winter dormancy cycle in Antananarivo Madagascar.  Not your typical collection.  Some of these plants are 50 or more years old. 

Cactus cacti succulent plants arid climate plants Collectors Corner
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