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Life as we know it today takes only a brief period of the History of this amazing planet, through fossils we can understand the evolution of this planet and how we evolved as the dominant species when so many before us failed, or were they just stepping stones to what we are today.

Pre History is a fascinating subject and an area of science that had been barely explored.  Since Darwin the science has exploded and shed new light on our evolution, whether you accept the creationists view or Darwinism we cannot deny life existed before us in many different forms over many different periods each with significant and unique periods of evolution and adaptation.   

Below ground holds the secrets of our past and as we unearth these remnants either through scientific institutions or commercial operations we add further knowledge of our past.  The fossil records are immense and will continue to unfold their stories for hundreds of years to come. 

Fossils are a passion of ours, at Collectors Corner we offer a selection of specimens but due to their value our largest collection is housed at the National Dinosaur Museum in Canberra if you are every up that way. 

Many of our pieces in Canberra are worthy of addition in any museum.

Come explore the fascinating world of Fossils at either of our locations.

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