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Cacti are a highly specialised family of plants found mostly in the New World from North to South America. 

Most people think of cacti as desert plants, this may be true of many species, but cacti can also be found in a wide range of climates including tropical forests.  Cacti have evolved with a number of highly specialised adaptations that allow them to survive in many climatic extremes.

Cacti are one of the most highly evolved of succulent plants and are often confused with other plants belonging to different families that have similar traits.

There are at least 127 genera of cacti with at least 1750 known species.  They are highly variable with some growing a huge 8cm in 100+ years and others weighing a ton or more in this time.

Cacti are available for sale in all shapes and sizes from the common garden plants to the rare and unusual plants that are rarely ever seen even in society shows. 


People are attracted to cacti due to their symmetry, compact growth and variability, they are also highly prized for their remarkable flowers with some producing blooms larger than themselves.

Collectors Corner maintains an extensive cacti collection and sales area.  Our cactus garden is famous throughout Australia and a highlight of any visit to Collectors Corner. 

Cactus Cacti Garden Collectors Corner Succulents
Cactus Cacti Collectors Corner
Cactus Cacti Collectors Corner
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