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Welcome to the largest collected family of plants on the planet

Orchids are a huge family of plants with over 28,000 species across over 760 different genera, this makes orchids one of the two largest families of flowering plants on earth.

Orchids can be found in every continent except the Antarctic and can be found in all climate zones.  They can be found as terrestrials or epiphites and they do particularly well harsher and less forgiving environments.  There is an orchid for every environment.

Orchids are prized above all other plants due to the amazing array of flowers they produce and the longevity of the blooms, some like the moth orchid can last 6 months for an individual flower.  


Orchids also captivate collectors due to their ability to breed between species and create new flowers far better than either of the parents.  Orchid hybridizing is a large industry with and teh rewards of creating that new amazing specimen are significant.   As a result hundreds of thousands of hybrids have been registered over the past 150 years.

Collectors Corner through its main nursery Paradisia has been breeding orchids since the early 1990's and have created many new hybrids of significance.  We are best known for our amazing cascading Cymbidiums, some of which are world class plants.

Our orchid range includes

Cymbidiums, cascading and upright available all year as young plants and in flower over the winter.

Phalaenopsis available all year on flower

Cattleyas in flower available almost all year

Oncidium alliance in flower available almost all year

Vandas in flower, available almost all year

Species orchids including Stanhopea, Bulbiphyllum, Coelogyne, Masdevalias and much much more.

Most of the plants are grown in Victoria at one of our extensive growing facilities.

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