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When we ran out of new items to collect what better place to look than the stars.

Meteorites have been falling on this planet since the first days of creation, they offer us a glimpse of the stars.

We work closely with collectors from around the world to bring you a glimpse of these wonders not of Mother Nature.  There are many significant crater sites caused by meteorite falls across the planet where larger impacts have occured and many areas where they are scattered across the landscape.  Meteorites range from glass and rocks to metal, some weighing many tons,

others only a few grams.

 Meteorties do not just belong to the past, our planet is bombarded with hundreds of meteorites each day, the lucky few that are large enough to survive re-entry are highly prized by collectors.  The most recent significant fall was in Chelyabinsk, Russia in February 2013 that caused some minor damage and was seen over a huge area of Russia.  Close to home we had one a fall on September 28, 1969 near Murchison, Victoria.  This meteorite fragmented and fell over a 13 sq klm area, well over 100kgs of material was collected.  The Murchison Meteorite is probably the most scientifically important meteorite known today and is worth far more than gold. 

Meteorite are a passion of ours, at Collectors Corner we offer a selection of specimens but due to their value our largest collection is housed at the National Dinosaur Museum in Canberra if you are every up that way. 

Many of our pieces in Canberra are worthy of addition in any museum.

Come explore the fascinating world of Meteorites at either of our locations.

Gallipoli Station Meteorite
81 kgs Iron
Found, Gallipoli Station Northern Territory in the early 1980's
Display Location
"The National Dinosaur Museum Canberra"
This specimen is part of the Kapitany Collection
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