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Specialty Succulents

Succulents are a very diverse group of plants

Hobbiets may decided to collect plants not by just families they may also look for unusual traits or special features in their plants, plants defined as succulents offer many weird and wonderful adaptions making their collecting fascinating and rewarding.

Many succulents are also amazingly slow growing that they are easily kept in confined spaces.

Some examples of specialised succulents include

Stone plants, this remarkable group of plants mostly from South Africa as one of Mothers Natures amazing designs

Caudex plants - plants with unusual swollen stems and or roots, unique members include The Elephants Foot, the giant Bottle Trees, The Desert Rose and some Pachypodiums.

Creepers or cascading plants - The most popular of these are the Hoyas, Ceropegia and Rhipsalis

Star Fish Flowers - The Stapeliads of Africa, this group of plants produce remarkable flowers in a great range of sizes shapes and colours, most use flies as pollinators and hence can exude an offensive odour.

Sinningia - Some members of this genus produce huge caudex bases that continue to grow to very large sizes creating amazing display plants.

The range and diversity has many more unique offerings.

Visit Collectors Corner throughout the year to experience the true diversity of the amazing plants collectivly refered to as succulents.

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