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Curly Pony Tail

"Beaucarnea guatamalensis"


This unusual form of pony tail probably one of the best and hardiest indoor plants available today. 


They are also suitable for outdoors in even the coldest climates. They are very slow growing and will live in very small pots for many years.





Curly Ponytails in Ceramics


Curly Ponytails are available in a range

of sizes from 10cm pots to huge 40cm pots

with plants up to 1.5 metres tall.



Chain of Hearts

"Ceropegia woodii"


This ever popular plant is an amazingly hardy indoor or outdoor plant. 


Chain of Hearts are produced in 10cm pots or 13cm baskets. 

In additon to our normal ranges we also supplies a wide range of odd and unusual plants throughout the year. 


The range below is a sampling of our bit and pieces selections



String of Pearls

"Senecio rowleyana"


Another age old favorite, Pearls are hardy

indoor our outdoor plants but require

good light to maintain shape.



Adenium obesum

"The Desert Rose"


Adeniums are available throughout the

warmer months 




Terrariums and gift lines. 


We are regularly developing new product lines

and make them available as sufficient

numbers become available.


Our terrarium range is very popular, with many sizes and shapes of glassware to select from. 

Indoor planters with specially selected plants and pots are also in great demand. 

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