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Gems & Minerals

Of all the hobbies that are available today few hold as much fascination and intrigue as the collecting of Gemstones.

Grown or formed over millions of years deep within the bowels of the earth nature has outdone itself with the incredible range and diversity of the minerals we see today.    Whether it be the sand on the beach or the amazing pink diamonds the world of gems and minerals can hold a fascination of everyone.

Every corner of the planet holds a wealth of material, every location yields something new and unique. 

We have now explored much of the surface of the planet and but below ground we will continue to uncover new and amazing finds for hundreds of years to come.

We travel the world visiting some of the most inaccessible and amazing locations available to explore and experience for ourselves places few have ever seen, both above and below ground on this amazing planet of ours.

At Collectors Corner we present a unique and world class range of Gems and Minerals on display and sales, many of our pieces are worthy of addition in any museum.

Come explore the fascinating world of Gemstone and Minerals.

New stock is arriving weekly.

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