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Hoyas are a genus of plants belonging to the Asclepiad group and are mostly creeping vine like plants fount throughout Northern Australia and Asia


There are about 200 to 300 species in the family as there are a number of species yet to be classified with new ones still being discovered. 

Hoyas can be terrestrial or epiphytic with some being able to climb huge trees to get to the top.  They are best known for their attractive and often well scented flowers that appear in bunches (Umbels) along the stems.  Some flowers can be a few millimeters across whist the largest can be 80mm across with bunches the size of a basketball.

 Due to the diversity there are forms of Hoyas to suit many different climates with some preferring the tropics to others well suited to southern states. 

At Collectors Corner we maintain approximately 80 varieties of Hoyas at various times of the year

The List below are varieties we either produce or have produced in the past.


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