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Australian Gems - Quartz

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This page contains only Australian quartz see main quartz page for world wide specimens.

Most pictures are thumbnails leading to larger pictures.

G089 Skeltonary Quartz Xls

Harts Ranges, Northern Territory


G018 Smokey Quartz with Schorl inclusions

3.5cm x 2.5cm


Victoria, Australia is poorly endowed with quality mineral localities.  However , Mooralla, in Western Victoria, has been known as a locality for double terminated, scepter smokey quartz crystals for more than 60 years.  some of these crystals are nestled in contrasting white rhyolite geodes.

G206 Smokey Quartz, Mooralla

This a a fine double terminated quartz found in clay nodules. Specimens are available from $2.00 each to these pictured specimens.

Morralla Victoria.

$15 each 4cm x 2cm

Mooralla quartz is available in all grades with prices from $2.00 for lower end crystals to high grade from $15 to $50 each. 


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