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  The following pages list some of the Echeverias grown by Paradisia

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The prices below are approximate retail prices and are not available by mail order.  Those names typed in upper case are hybrids, lower case are species.  Items listed as P.O.A. are rare varieties that are only produced in small numbers and only one or two plants may be released by us each year due to the slow growth and difficulty of culture.  We maintain large collections of these and many other plant species and in some cases take orders for delivery in 2 to 3 years.

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Echeveria affinis 'Black Form'

The parent to Black Prince, this form grows to 
15cm across, hardy and frost tolerant.  Slow growing.

Mature heads $10.00 each

Echeveria Afterglow

This is a rare hybrid forming huge heads up to 40cm across, hardy and frost tolerant.  Slow growing.

Price on application


Echeveria agavoides

Agavoides is a slow growing species that will 
eventually grow to 30cm across.  Solitary habit.  Hardy and will tolerate full exposure, requires a well drained position.

5cm plant $10.00
10cm plant $15.00
15cm plant $20.00
20cm plant $30.00

Echeveria agavoides v Multifera

Larger growing form of agavoides, requires some protection.

Small Heads $10.00
Large heads $25.00

Echeveria agavoides 'Red'

A rare form of agavoides, very slow growing requires some protection.

Small heads $10.00

Echeveria albicans

Albicans is a hardy slow growing plant that will grow to 10cm across and for a very dense ball with its offsets

7cm heads $5.00 each

Echeveria Alfred Graft

Alfred Graft is a hybrid similar to Black Prince but with more elongated leaves and has a slightly grey colour.

10cm heads $10.00 each


Echeveria Alta May

Alta May is one of what we call the Painted Lady Collection.  Heads grow to 30cm and will slowly grow upwards on a thick stem, solitary growth habit.

Large heads $40.00 each


Echeveria Arlie Wright

Arlie Wright is a slow growing hybrid that will eventually reach up to 40cm across, solitary habit.  Extremely rare.

On order only $100 each (rarely available)

Echeveria Barbillion

Barbillion is a slow growing hybrid that will eventually reach up to 50cm across, solitary habit.  Extremely rare.

Mature head, one available only $150

Echeveria bella

Bella is a miniature species growing to about 6cm and eventually forming a matt across the ground.  Hardy sun or shade loving.

Single heads $2.00 each

Echeveria Big Red

Big Red is a slow growing hybrid that will eventually reach up to 50cm across, solitary habit. 
 Rare, seldom available.

Large plants $35.00 each



Echeveria Bittersweet

Bittersweet is a slow growing hybrid that will 
eventually reach up to 40cm across, solitary habit.  
 Rare, seldom available.

Available on order only, price will be quoted when available

Echeveria Black Prince

Black Prince is one of the darkest of the echeverias, this hardy hybrid grows up to 20cm across and will tolerate a wide range of conditions including severe frosts.  Growth habit is solitary with only occasional ofsetts occurring after a few years.  Great for borders or as feature plants.

5cm plants $4.00 10 for $25.00
10cm plants $8.00  10 for $50.00
15cm plants $12.00
20cm plants $25.00

Echeveria Blue Cloud

Blue Could is an attractive slower growing hybrid tolerant of moist conditions, blue colour is very intense making this a great plant for any collection.

8 to 10 cm heads $10.00 each


Echeveria Blue Curls

One of the most popular of the Painted lady series.  Heads grow to 40cm but outdoors generally it reaches only 25cm across in two to three years, rarely ofsetts.
Picture 2

10cm heads $10.00
15cm Heads $20.00
Mature heads 30cm $30.00

Echeveria Blue Horizon

This rare new hybrid is due for release in 2002, orders will be taken for a maximum of 4 plants at $50 each.

Available 2002


Echeveria Crinoline

One of the Painted Lady series, this hybrid is very slow growing and will grow upwards on a thick stem with heads up to 25cm across, solitary habit, frost hardy.

Price and availability on application.

Echeveria County Fair

This frilly marvel is possibly the fastest and easiest to grow of the Painted Ladies.  Heads can reach 30cm across on tall thick stems, will ofsetts occasionally.

10cm heads $10.00
20cm heads $25.00
Picture 2

Echeveria Curly Locks

This superb hybrid forms heads up to 20cm across, in exposed positions it may only grow to 15cm, will eventually form a thick short stem as it grows, rarly ofsetts.

5 to 6 cm heads $10.00
10cm heads $15.00
20cm heads $25.00

Echeveria defractans x carnicolor

his species is fast growing and will form a carpet on the ground of heads to 12 cm.  Will not tolerate frost so must be under cover in cold climates.

5cm heads $4.00
10cm heads $6.00
Picture 2

Echeveria derenbergii

This attractive miniature produces heads up to 8cm across and will quickly cluster as shown in picture 2.  Derenbergii should be under protection in extremely cold or frost prone climates, great in wet or dry positions. 

6cm heads $4.00 10 for $30.00



Echeveria Doris Taylor




Echeveria elegans




Echeveria Emerald Ripple



Echeveria glauca 




Echeveria globulosa




Echeveria Golden Glow




Echeveria halbingeri




Echeveria Huffs Pink



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